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Stability | Community | Transition for those unhoused

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Tiny homes cost big money. Your donation is tax deductible and goes directly into helping the unhoused right here in Tucson Arizona.

We also have endless volunteer opportunities, contact us to learn more.

Creating safe, stable, temporary communities

Getting back on your feet is hard enough without a stable place to sleep and get cleaned up. Without a stable place to live, finding and maintaining employment is difficult. A dignified, private place to stay with access to on-site services allows an unhoused person or family to focus ahead, on the next step in their transition.

A path to self reliance

The population of unhoused people is exploding all over America, and Tucson has the fastest rate of increase in the country.

All over the city, more and more people are having to find hidden places to sleep, struggle to find food, deal with rather than treat their ailments, struggle to find shade in the summer and enough layers in the winter. Finding safety and dignity is nearly impossible.

We established The Homing Project to create a place where individuals can find the respite they need to establish the life they are entitled to: one where they know they will get what they need to live their life instead of living a life struggling to get what they need to live.

By providing all the basic necessities and securities in one location, we will be giving unhoused individuals a ladder to autonomy over their own lives.

Our Projects

Find out about our current community projects, what a transition community offers, and how it differs from shelters.

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