Tucson desert

Tucson, Arizona

The Homing Project is taking bold action to address the crisis of homelessness in Tucson, Arizona using a combined strategy of rapid affordable re-housing reinforced by wrap-around support services.

Project Snapshot

Consisting primarily of mini homes on gated property with 24-hour security, the initial community will serve survivors of domestic abuse who are younger than 25 or older than 50.

Each prefabricated 64 sq.ft. mini home can be assembled in a day and has room for one to two beds, locking doors, climate control, and storage for personal belongings.

In addition to the mini homes, private showers, a communal kitchen, laundry room, and community areas will enable a stable transition for individuals and small families.

Support services like medical, dental, mental health, and substance abuse counseling will be established by Catalytic Health Partners, along with employment assistance for residents

Standard infection control measures for congregate living will be employed, including vaccination for COVID-19 for all residents, staff, and volunteers.

No drugs, firearms, or alcohol are allowed onsite.

A Proven Concept

Example: Los Angeles, CA

The Homing Project in Tucson, Arizona is not the first attempt to create stable, transitional housing. A number of successful communities around the country have already proven this concept works.

Within the State of California alone, more than 28 mini villages have been constructed to provide stability and a turning point for many experiencing homelessness in that area.

Similar to The Homing Project, most of these successful communities leverage individual mini-homes that contain one or two beds, locking doors, climate control, and storage for personal belongings within about 64 square feet.

Tour the homes

Pallet shelter villages provide the dignity of personal space, in a healing community environment.

Community illustration

Project In Detail


This secure community of about 15 initial micro homes on a gated property with 24-hour security will require 1 to 1.5 acres.


Micro Homes

Each 64 sq. ft. locking home offers one to two beds, personal storage, heating/AC, vaulted 9-foot ceilings, and can be assembled in a day.


Community Services

The community will include communal restrooms with private showers and onsite laundry services as well as up to three meals served daily in a common dining facility.

Health Services

Medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse and counseling services will be established for residents during their stay.

Appropriate infection control measures will be required for all residents, staff, and volunteers, including vaccination for COVID-19.

Employment Support

Vocational training, job counseling, and placement assistance will be available to help residents earn a stable income.

Project Needs

While some of the project funding may come from government and private grants, a lot of essential needs come from the local community and neighborhood.

Here are a few examples of donated items every new transition community needs.

Please contact us if you would like to make a non-cash donation to the Tucson project.


We’re are actively seeking a parcel for this project in the Tucson, Arizona area. A successful community requires a minimum of 1 to 1.5 acres.

Major Appliances

This project will include communal bathrooms, laundry, and dining spaces and food preparation facilities. Major appliances in working condition are always welcome.

Community Items

Fencing materials, outdoor ceiling fans, shade systems, playground sets, even gardening supplies are gratefully accepted.